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“Making people laugh out loud while astonishing them with musical virtuosity was the order of the evening for Magnus Martensson’s appearance.”              CABARET SCENES,  NYC

February 25 - MALMÖ - "Akikki och fågeln" - Barnens Scen. With Alma Ahnlide. 

Comedian-pianist Magnus Martensson has appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Toronto, Vancouver, Stockholm, Cleveland, Malmö, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Albuquerque, Jamestown, Burträsk, Buffalo, Portland, and critics have called his act both “hilarious” and “clever.” He has appeared at New York City #1 comedy club Carolines on Broadway and on American and Swedish TV; his 2008 performance at the United Nations in New York City made the Honorable Ban Ki-moon titter, while the North American tour “Excuse Me, Does My Piano Count As One Carry-on” has visited more than 30 states. 

Akikki - A Musical Children's Story. Malmö: February 25. Stockholm and North America TBA. 
Illustration: Alma Ahnlide

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